From Mom to Story Teller: How baba baa was Born

The story of Rasa Sayang is filled with a kind of cultural romance, and I like to think that the story of baba baa shares something very similar. Both stories, mine and that of the Rasa Sayang folk tale, are about love and family. And I think that’s what very much pioneers our brand and the products which we produce.

I am a lawyer by trade but firstly and most importantly, I am a mom to 2 year-old Hugo; the heart of my inspiration and the soul of my brand. Hugo has loved nursery rhymes and storybooks his whole life and since he was a baby, I have been singing Rasa Sayang and other folk songs to him to share with him our wonderful heritage. Now that he is 2 years old and able to interact with me, when I say “rasa sayang”, he will go “hey” and when I say “chan mali chan” he will go “hey hey”. As a parent, is there anything more beautiful than that? If this touches your heart like it touches mine, read my story of how it all began for us…

Welcome to Baba BaaLife Before baba baa…

Raised and educated in Malaysia, I feel a special connection with my homeland. I studied at the University of Malaya and practiced law in Kuala Lumpur before moving to Singapore. I later relocated in Hong Kong to continue my law career and then my son Hugo came along.

How baba baa was born…

My life completely changed since I had Hugie and so did my values as I thought about what was really important to me.

When Hugo was just 6 months old, I realised that there was a lack of high quality literature, music or learning material available for parents like me to teach our children about their cultural heritage, so I set out to create something that could be used by parents and teachers all over the world. I have always been especially fond of the folk songs which I heard as a little girl and it’s my dream to be able to pass the knowledge, love and heart-warming music of my past to Hugo too. Beautifully written children’s literature has been at the heart of everything I like to teach my son, so much so that Hugo’s first word was “baba” from the well-known nursery rhyme, Baba Black Sheep. And that’s how the name of our brand was born. The mascot representing our brand is a baby goat called “baba”. This cute blob is the creation of an Italian designer, Tobias Bernard. It is mischievious, curious, smart and funny. Hugo grows up together with baba witnessing it growing from idea, concept to actually being “born” and he will excitedly call out to “bababaa” whenever he sees it.

So that’s the tale of how I came from mom to story teller, and I hope you’ll join the baba baa brand in this exciting journey.


If you are interesting in reading more about our first children’s product, the Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book, click here. If you want to read about the Rasa Sayang folk song, click here instead.

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